DC Comics moving forward at Comicopia

This past Friday, DC Comics announced they are pulling out of
Diamond Comics Distributors.
 The last DC Comics we’ll be
getting from Diamond will be those on sale June 24.  In
order for us to receive DC Comics after that, we will have
to get an account with UCS Distributors, which we are in the
process of doing.  It should be noted that UCS Distributors
are owned by Midtown Comics, a competitor.

We are extremely unhappy with this, which is the latest in a
series of decisions DC Comics has made recently made, which
we consider to be retailer unfriendly, including:

1) Cancelling print versions of some DC Comics, making the 
final issues digital only.  These include Supergirl #41 & 42,
and Terrifics #28-30.

2) Cancelling their print catalog, making it only available
digitally.  Advance word about DC Comics can be found at the following link https://www.dccomics.com/comics/dc-connect-2020/dc-connect-1

3) Announcing Tuesday as their on sale day, despite the
Wednesday standard and the fact that many retailers
can’t process their books in time for Tuesday.  
Wednesday will continue to be new arrival day for us.

At no time were retailers consulted about these decisions.

Starting with the DC Comics on sale on Wednesday, July 1,
we’re going to be trimming the number of stand copies, 
which may mean we’ll be selling out more often. The
exceptions will be for major sellers, such as Batman or the
upcoming Death Metal mini-series.  If you consistently
purchase the same DC Comics titles from us, then I strongly 
suggest becoming a subscriber for those titles.  We don’t 
have a minimum number of titles to be a subscriber, or 
require a deposit.

We’re very frustrated at these recent turn of events. DC
has stated that their decisions were made in the best
interest of their company, and we’re responding in kind.

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