Letter from Matt Lehman

Lately we’ve seen a major uptick in requests by
speculators for comics based on last minute news that we
were unaware of at the time we placed our final orders.

Most recently that occurred with The Walking Dead #193,
which was announced as the final issue mere days before it
went on sale. To make sure our regular Walking Dead
customers got their copies, we consulted our POS (point of
sale) system, to see which customers bought the past few
issues and set copies aside for them.

If you’re a regular customer, I recommend you let us put
your name and contact info into our POS system, so if a
comic you buy from us goes viral, we can set it aside for

For good or bad, speculation will always be part of the
comic book retail business, especially in the Internet age.
However, our top priority is to our loyal customers, who’ve
kept us in business for over 30 years.



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